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Easily Price-Shop Vacation Packages. Confident Travel Starts at KAYAK®. Get the Best Prices on Flights & Hotels. Save on Your Next Travel Booking Travel Company ChernobylTRAVEL organizes for you safe and unforgettable tours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the spirit of the Soviet Union, emotions and vivid impressions from which you will not forget Chernobyl is located about 2 hours drive north of Kiev, Ukraine. The exclusion zone has a range of radiation levels, but is safe to visit on a guided tour. It's always a good idea to have travel insurance regardless, and we use World Nomads. You must book a tour to visit Chernobyl. 1-day, 2-day, or longer tours are available from Kiev

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Explore Chernobyl without the distractions or restrictions of a group tour on this private tour from Kiev. Travel by private minivan and view the must-sees with the undivided attention of your guide, freeing you to ask what you want about the 1986 nuclear accident. Explore abandoned Pripyat and Chernobyl, view the Red Forest and reactor 4, and. ☢ Сhernobyl tourl from Kiev by Gamma Travel ☢. Book Chernobyl Tour now. Visit Pripyat, Nuclear Power Plant, Museum of the Strategic Missile Troops. Group or Private tour to chernobyl from $58 Chernobyl travel guide. Visiting Chernobyl and the rigorously maintained exclusion area around it is to step into a Soviet time capsule, where time stopped on 26th April 1986 and mankind stared unwillingly into the nuclear abyss This travel guide will provide you all the information you need to travel to Chernobyl from which tour to pick to things you need to prepare before you visit Chernobyl. Without further ado, let's begin with a brief history on what went down at Chernobyl power plant in 1986

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Start › Forum › Inne › Pozostałe tematy › Travel to Chernobyl Search for: Viewing 4 reply threads Author Posts AviniParticipant 13 października 2020 at 13:01 Liczba postów: 4 #1039926. Chernobyl Tourism: Tripadvisor has 615 reviews of Chernobyl Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Chernobyl resource

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The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 is one of the most notable nuclear disasters in the world. The entire city of Pripyat and many surrounding areas were evacuated from the fallout area but suffered heavy doses of radiation. 30 years later, radiation levels have decreased and tours of this abandoned site are offered Chernobyl Trips by the Creator - SoloEast Travel, #10 ☎ +380-044-279-3505 ([email protected]), . SoloEast is the first travel agency to start regular trips to Chornobyl Zone in 1999 Book Chernobyl Tour online. See Power Plant with your own eyes, Visit Pripyat Nuclear Disaster Exclusion Zone, The Best Kiev to Chernobyl Travel Agency since 1999 , Ukraine tourism ticket 5 Replies to A Visit to Chernobyl: Travel in the Postapocalypse Mike Vander Loop says: January 6, 2019 at 5:03 am Absolutely fascinating! Well done! Ukraine has been on my Travel List for a long time. To know now that you've taken the time to explore this country, certainly opens up the credibility of this destination

In late April 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukrainian town of Pripyat had a catastrophic accident that caused one of the reactors to leak radiation at an alarming rate. The plant and town were evacuated, and other than a brave group of scientists and construction workers, the area has been abandoned ever since. The site lies to the north of the country's capital and is now. 4.4 COVID-19 and my day trip to Chernobyl - paranoia central. I think under normal circumstances, a day trip to Chernobyl would be interesting, but filled with mild paranoia. But covid-19 plus a visit to Chernobyl First of all, you are in a (large) van full of people Rome2rio makes travelling from Kyiv to Chernobyl easy. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Find all the transport options for your trip from Kyiv to Chernobyl right here. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring you can. Chernobyl is a travel destination like no other. If you're tired of repetitive city breaks that just see you and your travel companions wandering around local coffee shops, museums and shops then visiting somewhere like Chernobyl makes an interesting change of pace, particularly for those already travelling in Ukraine How to visit Chernobyl. There are a number of companies in Kiev who claim to organise the best Chernobyl tour; I travelled with SoloEast and can recommend them. If you want to visit Chernobyl, a certain amount of forward planning is necessary; visitors can only enter the exclusion zone with a permit, which will be obtained by the tour company on your behalf but which can take 2 weeks to secure

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  1. Lupine Travel specialise in group tours to Chernobyl. See the site of the worst nuclear disaster and the abandoned ghost town of Pripyat
  2. Time travel - because a visit to Chernobyl happens in the past, present and future at the same time. What was Soviet Union propaganda like, why people enjoyed living in this regime and what made them think that they were the best country in the worl
  3. g pool amazing tour guide alex explained everything incredible experience sense of humour from start to finish chernobyl disaster independence square fantastic guide geiger counter ferris wheel abandoned village many places amusement park group tour
  4. Chernobyl is a disaster that has fascinated us for many years. We have watched countless documentaries on the disaster before HBO released it's hit series. Here is the ultimate guide to Chernobyl, a place which feels out of this earth. It's a must visit for any traveller
  5. Today, Chernobyl visitors can only see all this power from afar. The radiation levels at the sarcophagus are too high to be close. Where is Chernobyl located. If you are interested in tourism to Chernobyl, or travel to Chernobyl, it is good to know to where you intend to go
  6. For foreign tourists, the only practical way to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone is as part of a guided Chernobyl tours from Kiev. The tours leave from central Kiev and can be pricey: The Chernobyl tour cost is between $100-$300 per person.Book in advance for a better deal and to ensure the authorities have time to run security checks
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The website states: A number of local companies offer tours to Chernobyl. Some areas around the reactor are covered by an exclusion zone, and you may need to get a permit and travel with a guide Darmon Richter is Chernobyl-obsessed. He took his first trip to Chernobyl in 2013 as part of a licenced tour, and has been leading and designing tours of the Exclusion Zone since 2016. In total, he's visited Chernobyl 20 times on multiple day trips, including once illegally with a stalker — as those who visit the area illegally are known — as his guide How far-reaching was the Chernobyl catastrophe, and how far did the radiation travel across Europe? After The Explosion One thing worth noting at the beginning is that even today, after almost 34 years have gone by, the negative effects of this accident are still changing the environment and the genetic structure of life forms, hundreds of miles around the city of Pripyat, where the Chernobyl. THE Chernobyl nuclear disaster spread poisonous radiation across Europe forcing thousands of people to abandon their homes - but how far did radiation from Chernobyl travel and did Chernobyl.

Those are awesome pics. I just wrote a post about trying to get my wife to travel to Chernobyl for our 25th anniversary. Here's the post: Maybe your pics will convince her! BTW, we just got back from Pyongyang, North Korea which sort of looked like some of your photos. Lauren. September 26, 2011 at 12:52 pm — Reply 10 Nov 2020 - Find & Book the top-rated and best-reviewed tours in Chernobyl for 2020. From prices and availability to reviews and photos, Tripadvisor has everything you need to create that perfect itinerary for your trip to Chernobyl Chernobyl has been open to tourists since 2010, though visitor numbers remain low (Emma T) Chernobyl: Is it safe to visit the nuclear disaster site? CEO of Responsible Travel http://tomscott.com - http://twitter.com/tomscott - Here's the behind-the-scenes video from Chernobyl week, where Paul (@cr3) and I answer how we got here, a..

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Dylan Harris, owner of the British-based Lupine Travel, whose catalogue includes Chernobyl, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Somaliland and Turkmenistan, says he can understand why some might. The FCO doesn't advise against travel to Chernobyl, although it does highlight that there are strict rules and regulations laid out by the Ukraine government if you are embarking on a visit Travel. See Photos Taken on Illegal Visits to Chernobyl's Dead Zone. On April 26, 1986, a series of mistakes at the Chernobyl power plant compounded into the worst nuclear disaster in history.

In the summer months you can expect warm and sunny days with temperatures anywhere between 18 - 25 degrees. Summer is a good time to travel to appreciate the way that nature is reclaiming the exclusion zone. Winter months in Chernobyl are snowy and very cold, with temperatures dropping as low as -8 to -12 degrees You don't need any medical certificates to participate in the tour. It is enough to send us your passport data and prepayment to register for the tour. If your health allow you to travel by bus and by plane you can safely participate in Chernobyl-TOUR

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Aktiviteter organisert av GAMMA TRAVEL- tours to Chernobyl zone. Fra Kiev: Gruppetur til Tsjernobyl og Pripjat med lunsj. 492 492 vurderinger. Varighet: 12 timer Bestselger Fra. US$ 106.02 Tilgjengelig fra søndag Fra Kiev: 2-dagers overnattingstur til Tsjernobyl og Pripjat. 16 16. Chernobyl travel guide Visiting Chernobyl and the rigorously maintained exclusion area around it is to step into a Soviet time capsule, where time stopped on 26th April 1986 and mankind stared unwillingly into the nuclear abyss A new TV series has spurred travel to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site in Ukraine and has renewed debate over the ethics of so-called dark tourism to locations associated with death and.

Gamma Travel. Organizes guided excursions to the Exclusion Zone, either as single day trips or for multiple days with arranged overnight accommodation in Chernobyl. €89. (updated Oct 2019) Kiev Lodging Chernobyl Tours, 5 Pushkinskaya str., Kiev, ☏ +380 93 813 3959, kievlodging@yahoo.com Travel to Chernobyl. Excursion to Chernobyl (Pripyat) We can arrange for you a complete service for visiting the Exclusion Zone. Which includes the assistance in organizing the a bus tourreservation apartments, transfers from airport. Tour Schedule

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Most visitors to Chernobyl join a day trip, starting from Kyiv. The exclusion zone is two hours north of Ukraine's capital city, so that makes for an outing of twelve hours or so, including return travel This summer, I summoned up all of my travel courage and joined a two-day tour to Chernobyl. Although I've traveled all around the world, I'd never met someone else who had taken a tour to Chernobyl.. Without anyone to guide me through the booking process, I resorted to reading TripAdvisor reviews and the websites from different tour operators to plan my tour to the world's most famous. Travel tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat ghost towns are unbelievably popular among the people of different ages and citizens from all around the world. Bloggers, writers, stars of the TV had been here for tailoring new emotions. People with diverse interests and hobbies are attracted by this place more and more each year

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The Chernobyl disaster was caused by a nuclear accident that occurred on Saturday 26 April 1986, at the No. 4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR. It is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history and was caused by one of only two nuclear energy accidents rated at seven—the maximum severity—on the International. If you go there in the winter, prepare to freeze your butt off. Other than that, I highly recommend visiting Chernobyl (and Ukraine in general). I visited earlier this year with Peter Santenello This is us at the entry to the town of Chernobyl.. The accident at Chernobyl happened in the very early hours of April 26, 1986. Can you visit Chernobyl? Yes. Several Chernobyl tours are available. Is it safe to visit Chernobyl today? The safest time to travel to Chernobyl is in winter when snow is on the ground. Snow creates a barrier with the contaminated soil

Travel tips for visiting Chernobyl Kiev in Ukraine is the closest major city to Pripyat. You can fly directly into Boryspil International Airport (KBP) from many cities in Europe , such as Amsterdam, London , Paris and Vienna What it's like to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Travel blogger Darmon Richter tells us about exploring a place that's frozen in time

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  1. SoloEast Travel Chernobyl Day Trip: Flott tur til Tsjernobyl - Se 2 403 reiseanmeldelser, 1 418 objektive bilder og gode tilbud på Kiev, Ukraina på Tripadvisor
  2. Explore the abandoned city of Chernobyl on a 2-day group tour from Kiev and experience incredible emotions within the exclusion zone of a former disaster site. Benefit from travel arrangements, such as permits to enter the exclusion zones and more
  3. I always recommend getting travel insurance for any of your trip - and this definitely applies to a trip to Chernobyl. Make sure to also get a good travel insurance before you visit Chernobyl. Get yours here. Check out my post Why You Need A Good Travel Insurance. For more readings about Chernobyl, you can check one of these books
  4. Kiev - Area Sightseeing and Things to DoPrivate Tour to ChernobylThis activity commences from Kiev, UkrainePrivate tour gives you absolute freedom. You can manage your time as you wish. Our team will provide you with comfortable transport, English- speaking guide. The tour will be developed specially for you in order to satisfy all your wishes and needs. We shall organise the tour in any day.
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Discover Chernobyl on this Ukraine tour. Take a guided Chernobyl tour in the Exclusion Zone, visit the ghost town of Pripyat and discover the highlights of Kiev. Book your Chernobyl holiday today Thirty-three years after reactor No. 4 melted down at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat, Ukraine — permanently evacuating entire towns, killing thousands and creating a massive. For those who wish to travel to Chernobyl and visit it remains of the nuclear power plant site, they can find a plethora of reasons to do so. Some find are intrigued by the disaster and its after-effects, some are drawn to it for the fact that the place has been devoid of human habitation for more than three decades, for some it is the thrill to visit a place which gives a preview of a post. Despite that history, Intrepid Travel, the world's largest adventure travel company, has reported a 131% increase in bookings of its 13-day Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania Explorer trip, which.

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Enabling people to travel responsibly and learn about the places we take them - both the good and the bad - is at the core of our DNA as a company and important to all of us. We have chosen a trusted local partner to run the Chernobyl excursion, who will ensure the tour is conducted in an informed, meaningful and ethical manner Chernobyl's Exclusion Zone, the quarantined area surrounding the power plant where one of the worst nuclear disasters in history took place, sees way more traffic than the name might suggest.Since the site opened to visitors in 2011, a growing number of tourists have come to northern Ukraine armed with cameras and Geiger radiation counters to visit the rusting remains of the ghost city of. For one city in the Ukraine, the Chernobyl explosion in 1986 was an act of creation. Find out how the nuclear disaster gave birth to Slavutych and what a traveler will find there today Visit site of Chernobyl nuclear accident (2020 edition), disaster near Kiev. Travel to Pripyat in 2019. Chornobyl reactor, sightseeing, pictures. Book guided multi-day trip/tour to visit Pripyat (Prypiat). Private and individual excursion de Tchernobyl. Bus Tsjernobyl reis, viaje de Chernóbil, Tschernobyl (Tschornobyl) Ausflug, Tjernobyl turnerar, excursão Cernobyl

GAMMA Travel - tours to the Chornobyl zone - Lenina 53, Chernobyl, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine - Rated 5 based on 22 Reviews Nikolai is very knowledgeable.. Chernobyl NPP 2002 Travel to Chernobyl and rare photos. Unique photos of Japanese scientists who visited the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 2002. Chernobyl NPP looks different than now: In these rare photos you can see the old shelter of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which was built in 1986. It was built in 6 [ Drew spends a few days in one of the most irradiated—and misunderstood—places on Earth.SUPPORT US ON PATREON! https://patreon.com/clothmapPatrons get early acce.. Chernobyl could be about to be transformed into an 'official tourist destination' as authorities are looking to open the exclusion zone to more visitors.. Currently although it is possible to.

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  1. Covered with myths and legends, fake information, and science-fiction stories, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant and its nearby locations attract many tourists to start a trip to Chernobyl from all over the world. And of course, the films, documentaries, and video games, inspired by this magnificent place, attract the attention of the different groups of tourists. [
  2. If you're looking on how to visit Chernobyl, this guide to Chernobyl will show you exactly how to do so. Chernobyl, more specifically the city of Pripyat, was the victim of a catastrophic nuclear accident in 1986. Overnight, the residents of Pripyat were forced to evacuate and only take their necessary belongings, leaving everything else behind
  3. Chernobyl today: the ultimate travel guide to visiting Chernobyl, Ukraine Late at night on 26th April 1986 reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Soviet Union exploded during a botched safety test
  4. Also, we help you leave your legacy Chernobyl with free postcards, and a free t-shirt and a free ticket to the Chernobyl museum in Kyiv. The Chernobyl 2 Day Tour with CHERNOBYLWEL.COMe will become your life changing tour, where you do not need to take care of anything else other than the storyline and charged batteries in your camera

We saw the Russian Woodpecker, Chernobyl, Chernobyl 2, and Pripyat, along with the power plant. The lunch that was included was very nice as well. If you want a more immersive experience I would suggest doing the 2 or 3 day trip with this same company, SoloEast Travel Travel. Trivia. About Me. Sources. More. The Chernobyl Disaster. Chernobyl and the Exclusion Zone have been officially deemed as safe for tourism and visitation. To gain access to these areas, you need to get a tour package ahead of time in order to get a Zone permit from the Ukrainian government A day trip to Chernobyl. Search the BBC Search the BBC. Travel Men

The over-the-horizon radar station (Chernobyl-2) is the most secret object of the Soviet Union, and was marked as a summer camp on all topographic maps of that time. For the distinctive sound in the air while working (knocking) was called Russian Woodpecker. The height of the station is about 150 meters, length 800 meters Tours of Chernobyl are not something that you can do last-minute for cheap. The further out you book, and I mean at least 2 weeks out, the better. It takes 10 days for the paperwork to be processed with the government In the weeks and months that followed the Chernobyl disaster, hundreds of thousands of Culture, Capital, and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday. Share using Email. Share on Twitter The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is seeing a rise in tourism thanks to the HBO Chernobyl miniseries You can also visit Chernobyl as part of several multi-day, multi-city tours with Intrepid Travel Chernobyl, curiously, is home to hundreds of stray hounds who have learned to survive in the woods surrounding the power plant, dodging wolves and begging for scraps from guards, workers and tour.

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Visiting Chernobyl. There are a few different tour companies based in Kiev. I was hosted on this trip by JayWay Travel and they arranged for me to join a one-day Chernobyl tour with SoloEast Travel.. Our small group tour met in Kiev and we went on to a minibus for the two-hour journey to Chernobyl, watching a documentary about the disaster en route Chernobyl (/ tʃ ɜːr ˈ n oʊ b əl /, UK: / tʃ ɜːr ˈ n ɒ b əl /), also known as Chornobyl (Ukrainian: Чорнобиль, romanized: Chornobyl'), is a partially abandoned city in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, situated in the Ivankiv Raion of northern Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine.Chernobyl is about 90 kilometres (60 mi) north of Kyiv, and 160 kilometres (100 mi) southwest of the Belarusian. In this brief, informal report, this self-appointed investigator describes his travel adventures (with an expired visa) and his encounters with officials and victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe. Cheney made a daring visit to the nuclear ghost town of Propyat, originally built for Chernobyl's workers, and relates how they were forced to abandon their homes and possessions to escape the effects.

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Explore the Chernobyl exclusion zone and gain insight into Soviet-era history on this 1-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat from Kiev. Head into the infamous Chernobyl exclusion zone with a guide. During your tour, take in landmarks and key sites such as the abandoned hospital, river port, and town hall, the defunct nuclear cooling towers and more The tourists first started flocking to Chernobyl nearly 10 years ago, when fans of the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. wanted to see firsthand the nuclear wasteland they'd visited in virtual reality. In fact, Chernobyl is named for the plant, Travel in a Plague Year. This article is adapted from the book Notes From an Apocalypse, to be published by Doubleday in April Chernobyl exclusion zone: How far did Chernobyl radiation travel? Exclusion zone mapped THE CHERNOBYL nuclear disaster spewed radiation across continental Europe and beyond, forcing thousands to. Chernobyl tour is probabaly the most famous and popular single tourist attraction in Ukraine. And the most expensive as well. It is considered that Chernobyl (Chornobyl in Ukrainian) Exclusion Zone may be visited only with an organised tour. Dozens of travel companies in Kyiv take care about all the official permissions, transport and guides

Travel to the area was prohibited. Now, as Chernobyl becomes a popular destination for people interested in extreme tourism or the history of nuclear disaster,. Chernobyl town is the seat of the State Agency responsible for managing the Exclusion Zone. And it is also the base for visitors to the Zone. Here you will be served your meal(s) and if you are on a longer tour than the regular day return trips from Kiev this is most likely also where you will stay overnight Book your tickets online for SoloEast Travel Chernobyl Day Trip, Kyiv (Kiev): See 2,404 reviews, articles, and 1,418 photos of SoloEast Travel Chernobyl Day Trip, ranked No.3 on Tripadvisor among 317 attractions in Kyiv (Kiev) 12 interesting facts about Kiev. © 2023 Travel to Chernobyl. The site was created on Wix.com Wix.co

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  1. Visiting Chernobyl: to know before you go. No one is permitted inside the exclusion zone without a registered guide, so a small group tour is a solid option. Those on Intrepid's Moldova, Ukraine & Romania Explorer trip travel through Chernobyl, Pripyat, and the long-secret giant radar detection wall just a few miles from the power plant
  2. Chernobyl, or properly spelled in Ukrainian Chornobyl, is a place that still haunts me to this day, which is why I finally decided to write about my experience.Exploring Chernobyl's exclusion zone on a day trip from Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine over two years ago was an experience I could never forget
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  4. The new sarcophagus has a 100 year shelf life so it will be safe to continue to visit Chernobyl for many years to come! Lupine Travel are running daily tours to Chernobyl for £109 and also offer occasionally 2 days tours (including staying overnight in the exclusion zone) for £319
  5. In the meantime we've decided to split and so together with Evi we went for the Chernobyl tour organized by Chernobyl Tour.It was suggested to me by my friend Julia from JCTravel and since she runs a travel company with tours to Ukraine she knows the business.. I'm really glad I've listened to her as it turned out Chernobyl Tour is probably the best (and biggest) company that offers.

Ivanchuk, of SoloEast Travel, handles this moral quandary in a unique way. He told the Washington Post that he turns over about 80 percent of the revenue from his tours to Ukrainian authorities. The 20th Century is full of 'dark' events and suffering, he told the paper. And just like Auschwitz or Hiroshima, Chernobyl is one of them A photographic look inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone, 30 years after the world's worst nuclear disaster. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.co Stream hours of classic travel shows on LPTV. Join today. Featured videos. Discover the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Recent stories. Adventure travel Entering the dragon's lair: a tour of Chornobyl. 6 min read • Published Jun 10, 2019. A two-hour drive north of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv lies the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone,. Chernobyl condoms, gas masks and t-shirts with the Coco-Cola logo on it saying 'Enjoy Chernobyl, Die Later' hang in the windows of the shop cabins. The ice cream drawer says 'Life is too short, eat ice cream, Chernobyl'. I get the feeling there is a misunderstanding of who Chernobyl is being marketed to. We're not all laaaaaads on tour Where: Chernobyl and Kiev, Ukraine. What's included: A two, three or four-night Kiev city break with Chernobyl day experience and return flights from London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stansted and Manchester. Hotels: Stay at the Adria Hotel or the Amarant Hotel. Chernobyl Tour: Experience a haunting yet fascinating Chernobyl Tour, perfect for history buffs or fans of the hit HBO TV show

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  1. Through our Soviet tours and travel packages, we have pioneered travel in Chernobyl and the Unrecognised Countries of the former Soviet Union and we run regular trips to the Balkans, Albania, Ukraine, Belarus, Kaliningrad and Russia itself, from Chechnya and Stalingrad to the Siberian summer in Magadan and Lake Baikal
  2. Singaporean Visited Chernobyl 2 Years Ago, Images Show Stark Contrast To Our Sunny Island. With travel restrictions in place, avid travellers are limited to re-discovering our island nation or looking back on travel memories.. Thankfully, the virtual world has offered alternative forms of escape for us, through visuals captured by other travellers
  3. The writer and producer of the hit HBO series Chernobyl, has called on visitors to the site of the nuclear disaster to show respect, after a series of inappropriate photos were posted online

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The Chernobyl disaster did not leave indifferent any person in the world. 31 years after that terrible nuclear accident, humanity feels its consequences today. We will never forget this tragedy, we will remember all those who died, who at the cost of their lives liquidated the consequences of the explosion Finn, sammenlign og bestill sightseeingturer, attraksjoner, ekskursjoner, aktiviteter og gøyale opplevelser fra hele verden. Spar penger og bestill direkte fra lokale leverandører Chernobyl Tour and a trip to Pripyat near Kiev. We offer different options for Chernobyl Tours. Our trips to the Chernobyl Zone are fascinating and safe. Our office is in Kiev. You can order a tour directly from the site. Your travel guide - Stayinkie Chernobyl Holidays. Visit Chernobyl with Regent, a place ever-synonymous with the massive nuclear disaster that rocked the Soviet Union and the world in 1986. Recently, the disaster has been brought back into the public eye by HBO's superb dramatisation of the events in IMDB's most highly-rated television programme of all time, Chernobyl Together with the Real Chernobyl team, you can visit a unique in its essence and content excursion to Chernobyl and the exclusion zone, in which you will see a post-apocalyptic world, see what will happen to cities after the disappearance of people, plunge into history, learn the secrets of this fantastic place, travel in time to the USSR, you will visit the largest territory abandoned by.

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