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  2. Boa c. longicauda, common name: longtail boa was first described by Robert Price and Paul Russo and is hardly known, altough it is one of the most beautiful members of the Boa constrictor family. When we see these animals for the first time, we succumb to the fascination for these marvelous animals
  3. Long Tailed Boas (Boa constrictor longicauda) are a beautiful semi-dwarf locality boa constrictor from northern Peru that has a great deal to recommend it to boa keepers. Brian from Brian Boas.
  4. The boa constrictor (Boa constrictor), also called the red-tailed boa or the common boa, is a species of large, non-venomous, heavy-bodied snake that is frequently kept and bred in captivity. The boa constrictor is a member of the family Boidae, found in tropical South America, as well as some islands in the Caribbean.A staple of private collections and public displays, its color pattern is.

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  1. Peruvian longicauda boa constrictors - Duration: 1:24. Richard Hind 690 views. 1:24. Explaining BCC vs BCI while getting bit in the process. - Duration: 17:56
  2. on 17. May 2011 - 20:43. More Information: Boa constrictor longicauda Zeros.
  3. Boa c. longicauda offspring for sale . We are breeding long-tailed boas since 1999. Furthermore, we have acquired additional bloodlines from well-known breeders in the U.S. (whole litters)
  4. Boa c. longicauda, nom commun : boa à longue queue, fut décrit pour la première fois par Robert Price et Paul Russo et est à peine connu, bien qu'il s'agisse de l'un des plus beaux membres de la famille de Boa constrictor
  5. Boa constrictor longicauda. Sex: Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse Breeder: Off Center Reptiles Location: New York, New York Price: US$350.00 Shipping: 55.00-65.00 (Domestic) First Posted: 08/03/20 Last Renewed: 11/02/20 ID#: 20hardingm1. Inquire to Buy Wondering how to buy? Store policy. Payment.
  6. Boa c. longicauda WARPAINT There is no doubt that the exotic head marking is the reason why the longicaudas are the favourite boas of many boa constrictor enthusiasts all over the world. These markings looks like the warpaint of Native Americans

Product Description. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Boa constrictor longicauda DESCRIPTION: These longtail boas are also known as Peruvian Long Tail Boas.They are captive bred babies, and thriving. MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Average 6 - 7' DIET: Frozen thawed mice. We have Frozen rodents available in our food and feeders section 0.1 boa constrictor longicauda 2020. 0.1 boa constrictor longicauda 2020. kr 3 490,0 Boa Constrictor Longicauda (BCL) Fanatics has 1,345 members. This group was created for enthusiasts of the locality Boa Constrictor Longicauda (Peruvian Long Tail Boas) and to make it slightly easier to connect to those who keep, breed, or intend to keep them

1.1 Boa Constrictor Longicauda schwarz-weiß und schwarz-gelb Variante NZ 10 Züchter: H+E Stöck Boa c. longicauda was described in 1991 by Dr. Robert Price and my brother Paul Russo in a Japanese Scientific Journal called The Snake . The Title of the description is Revisionary Comments on the Genus BOA with the Description of a New Subspecies of Boa Constrictor from Peru. A beautiful jet black Boa with an almost blue irredescence on the head and body Boa constrictor longicauda Patternless/ Présentation des parents - Duration: 7:12. Reptiligne 16,178 views. 7:12. Strangled by a Boa Constrictor | Deadly 60 | Series 2.

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Boa c. Longicauda Angebote Wir können hinsichtlich Boa c. longicauda, auch Langschwanzboa oder Tumbesboa genannt, auf die längste Zuchterfahrung in Europa verweisen. Wir sind in der Lage Ihnen Nachzuchten verschiedener reinrassiger Varianten dieser Unterart anzubieten Diese interessante Unterart wurde erst 1991 von Price & Russo beschrieben. Das Verbreitungsgebiet dieser schönen Boa ist die Provinz Tumbes / Nordperu. Die Tiere können durchaus die 2 Meter Marke knacken. Die Farbliche Vielfalt geht weit auseinander. Es ist sehr schwer bei Jungtieren die farbliche Entwicklung vorrauszusagen. Selbst Longicauda Babys aus dem gleichen Wurf entwickeln sich. Boa constrictor longicauda, llamada comúnmente boa de Tumbes, es una de las subespecies que integran la especie Boa constrictor, un gran ofidio que habita el noroeste de América del Sur. Fotografía del río Tumbes, Departamento de Tumbes, Perú; el hábitat de esta subespecie

Boa constrictor longicauda, Legacy Reptiles. Saved by Noodle. Cute Reptiles Reptiles And Amphibians Racing Extinction Serpent Snake Boa Constrictor Cute Snake Reptile Enclosure Animals Of The World Exotic Pets When you acquire one of our 100% het for Zeros longicauda babies you will get Boa c. longicauda whose beauty is second-to-none AND they have the Zeros - gene. ALL OF OUR BOA C. LONGICAUDA het for ZEROS™ ARE SOLD! FOR ALL WE KNOW WE ARE THE ONLY BREEDER OF THIS SPECIAL FORM OF BOA C. LONGICAUDA WORLDWIDE. WE ACCEPT ADVANCE ORDERS FOR 202 Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page. Boa imperator was formerly one of six recognized subspecies of B. constrictor.. It has been elevated to species status as B. imperator, occurring west of the Andes Mountains from Ecuador in northwestern South America northward to Mexico in North America, and including the two subspecies B. c. longicauda and B. c. sabogae (Hynková et al., 2009)

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